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Contact us to upload your song and hear what it sounds like Mastered at Skeleton House.

You can Request A Quote to master your music according to the needs and requirements of your project.

Mastering With Skeleton House

Mastering is listening because the world has to hear your music. At Skeleton House, we listen closely to your final mixes to decide what they need to be heard. Skeleton House will master your music to sound better than you’ve heard it before, improving areas of weakness if necessary, and your songs will be organized into a format ready for duplication and digital distribution. We master for all digital media and vinyl, and each format has different requirements that are met in the mastering stage.

Every project is unique and can benefit from a dialogue about how you see the sound of your music. We strive to meet those artistic and technical requirements. Skeleton House is Human Mastering with ears and experience to make musical emotions come to life.

Master Your Podcast And Other Audio Content

If it's not expressly music that you create but vocals, voice, or mixed content containing spoken word and music and other sounds, delivering your audio to various platforms correctly is of utmost importance. We can master your podcast audio, whether it is a one-time event to help a mix that needs special attention or a frequent periodic output of content for your listeners that has to sound consistent and professionally produced.

Contact us to request a quote and send us your music to receive a free Mastered at Skeleton House sample of how it can sound. Once your free mastered sample is complete, we will email you that it is ready for you to receive a 1 to 2 minute clip of your music. We will master your music to your satisfaction, at which time you will receive full resolution files with purchase. Whether across all digital media or vinyl or both, Skeleton House will master specifically for each platform with careful detail.